Justice Has Been Served

For the past two years I have represented several individuals in an otherwise quiet Oakland neighborhood against

“the neighbor from hell”. This person has tried to intimidate his neighbors by filing false reports with the police and city officials, filing meritless lawsuits and restraining orders, talking inappropriately to one clients child – all in a sick attempt to harass this peaceful community.

Because the neighbors remained strong and found comfort with each other to combat this unwarranted aggression – they took positive steps to protect themselves which in come cases included outfitting their homes with security cameras. One such piece of footage lead to a criminal case against this “neighbor from hell” for criminal trespass and 2 counts of filing a false police report.

The result came in yesterday – GUILTY.

I am so proud and honored to have represented (and in some cases still represent) all these wonderful people as many of our actions now wind down. The wheels of justice may turn slowly but they do turn.

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