Finding the Right Attorney

Where to Start?

Recommendations: Getting a referral from a family or friend is a great place to start but ask questions. You want to know if your family member or friend had a situation involving the same area of law. You can also do a Google search for someone local, go to search engines like Avvo, Findlaw or contact your local bar association.

Communicating with the office: On your first contact with the law office did you get a chance to speak to the attorney or office staff? Ask whether you consultation will be with the attorney and not a paralegal or someone else. The big question here is – are the office’s initial consultations free of charge or not?

Requests before your meeting: Did the office want you to complete or provide any information before you arrived so they can be familiar with some aspects of your situation?

The consultation: Did you feel the attorney understood your situation? Did the attorney explain to you what would be required and the process involved? Did you leave the office with a sense of understanding or more confused than ever?

Billing practiceDid the attorney explain the offices hourly rates? How they charge and for what? Did they present to you a written fee agreement before you hired the law office?

The Law Offices of Steven A. WolvekWe love getting referrals from satisfied clients and other legal professionals. In fact, 90% of our clients come to us by way of referrals. All communications with our office are with me personally. We have our website telephonic appointment setting pop-up allowing clients to select a specific time to have a detailed discussion about their case when the attention is centered exclusively on their matter. We encourage email communications but are also available for random telephone calls throughout the day for quick questions concerning our clients’ case. For matters involving bankruptcy, family law or personal injury – new clients are directed to our website and requested to complete a worksheet BEFORE the initial consultation. We want to understand the nature of our client’s situation so we can provide a detailed response of the process, procedure and timing of how things will proceed moving forward. And best of all – our client’s are NEVER billed for time talking to the office about their case or when the office calls them for information needed to move their case forward. We are more interested in getting our client’s a positive outcome than charging for every second we work on their case!

Established in 1990 with offices throughout California – we provide personalized legal representation to each and every client. Contact the office today for your FREE- NO OBLIGATION consultation.





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